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TurItalia offers the information to you of all the Italian regions: And if you want infotmation of the Cities of Italia link here.....Cities of Italy
  • The cities of each region.
  • The cities of art.
  • Unknown Italy .
  • The situation of the tourism offices.
  • Its culture, its nature, its mountain, its beaches...
  • The network of transport of each Italian region.
  • The folklore.
  • In each Region you will find links to his webs officials or of greater interest.
  • Reserva de hoteles en Italia
    Looks for the Italian Regions by alphabetical name:
    01 Abruzzo
    02 Aosta Valley
    03 Apulia
    04 Basilicata
    05 Calabria
    06 Campania
    07 Emilia Romagna
    08 Friuli Venezia Giulia
    09 Latium
    10 Liguria
    11 Lombardy
    12 Marche
    13 Molise
    14 Piedmont
    15 Sardinia
    16 Sicily
    17 Trentino Alto Adige
    18 Tuscany
    19 Umbria
    20 Veneto

    Or look for the Italian Regions by geographic situation:

    Sicily Calabria Basilicata Apulia Campania Molise Abruzzo Marche Umbria Latium Tuscany Emilia Romaņa Liguria Friuli Venecia Giulia Veneto Trentino Alto Adige Lombardy Piedmont Aosta Valley Sardinia

    And to reserve hotels of Italy, you looks for Hotels in: