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Advice to travel to Italy
It arrives with time at the airport!

It's recommendable to arrive two hours before the departure of the flight; you must invoice the luggage, and if the flight goes until above it will take a time to you. In addition it can have overbooking and the more you take to invoice the more risk you run of stay at there.

You do not forget to go identified.

If you are European coarse with having the DNI. If you are not, you must to take passport to it.

Luggage without surprises.

It is not adapted to take in the luggage sharp objects, scissors, knives… since they will confiscate it and they will make us waste time. You do not invoice neither you take with you luggage of strangers

Before a problem to whom to call.

The documentation that has given the travel agency to you must contain all the necessary one to know to who you are due to direct in case of having some problem. You must verify that you take all these data with you.

Weight of Luggage.

The weight which you must right to take of luggage when purchases a ticket is of 20 kg in tourist class and 30 kg in first class by person. For the superior weights you will have to pay a supplement.

Lodgings in Italy.

At the time of choosing a lodging in Italy you must have rigorous well-taken care of. The stars of the hotels in Italy are valued independently according to the regions, reason why one of 4 **** in Milan does not have so that to compare itself with one of same category in Palermo.

That a specialist advises to you.

Schedule and Currency in Italy.

Italy has the same currency (Euro) and schedule with respect to Spain (for example), and six hours more with respect to New York.

To make telephone calls.

  • From any country to Italy: You must mark the 0039 and next to mark the number of the telephone of the subscriber. For example: if you call to Rome you must mark to 0039 06xxxx. .because all the numbers of Rome begin by 06.
    If you want to call to a mobile, you must mark 0039 and the number without the first zero.

  • To call in Italy from a telephone cabin: The telephones public are prepared only for their use with cards (of sale in watertight and kiosks).

  • And to reserve hotels of Italy, you looks for Hotels in: