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Itineraries and Routes in Italia

AIthough you may certainly go to Italy without knowing anything about our customs laws, our hockey rinks, or our national parks, it is still better to come prepared with some knowledge in order to avoid the first difficulties, the first possible misunderstandings, the annoying oversights. And this holds true both for the tourists who travel at random, with no idea today of where they will be going tomorrow, and for those who have planned their entire trip before setting out and have established a general itinerary and a more or less specific budget,Italy is famous for its hospitality even in its own interests and is pretty well equipped to welcome and accommodate tourists; but, since among them there is sure to be someone who has never been to Italy before (this still happens, though more and more seldom), we have decided to prepare this handy manual to help him along.

We feel sure that the tourist will be able to stay over in any place that offers a good corner cafe and some scenic strolls, and let himself sink into the pleasure of «dolce far niente». But if, instead, he prefers to move around and see all sorts of things, the ten different itineraries in this booklet will save him the trouble of having to choose for himself the roads to take, although they leave him freedom and room for most intriguing and unpredictable detours and changes.The following itineraries have been planned with a view not only to offer the foreign visitor the opportunity of becoming familiar with the natural beauties and the art of Italy but also, by combining different and sometimes contrasting aspects to give him a unified and distinctive impression of the country. They are, of course, not meant to substitute the various guidebooks; their purpose is to offer the tourist a horizontal line (guidebooks are almost always vertical in structure) to follow for a certain number of days.The ten itineraries also contain certain practical information, as well as a few suggestions regarding the length of stay, which cities to visit, and the best time for arrival. The latter is almost always in the evening, because towards the end of the day traffic is less bothersome and strolling becomes more pleasant. Thus, the first impression of a town may sink in more readily and make the next day's experiences easier and smoother.

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